Reverse Phone Lookup


If you have ever received a prank call from this number you are certainly curious who called you.

We are here to help you identify who is behind this number!

December 14, 2018 17:23 pm



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  • Irene

    A man named Brian contacted our office, place of business, and was extremely rude calling the first time and one of our employees answered and he was demanding speak to our boss who he referred to by his first name. The phone call was disconnected on our end accidentally, and he then called back, and I then answered and he immediately began talking stating "I just called and you hung up on me and you need to get Craig for me right now" I politely asked him who was calling and what this was in regards to- to which he responded "like I said before, this is Brian, he knows who it is now get him on the phone". I put him on hold, taken a back at the absolute rude demeanor of this individual. He was then put on speaker and proceeded to demand "get up and tap him on the shoulder and tell him I'm on the phone right now". My boss then picked up the phone, not knowing who this man was who apparently stated that he wanted to collect money for us from client's that were past due. This was the absolute most unprofessional call I have heard in quite some time. I am astonished at how this man spoke to my office staff.

    March 13, 2018