How to report phone spam or scam?

How to report phone spam or scam?

If you have ever received an unwanted call, you already know that find out who is hiding behind that phone number is very hard. We already posted an article about how the phone spam reports are so important when you want to identify an unknown caller, so don't forget to check it out.

How to report phone spam or scam on our website?

Well, it's very easy!

You already know the phone number that called you, right? To post a new comment, you need to visit that phone number detail page first! This page contains very useful information about the phone number like the carrier, line type, probable location, etc.

The easiest way to navigate to this page is via search.

1) Visit our reverse phone lookup page and locate the searching form.

2) Fill in the area code, prefix, line number and hit the searching icon.

After you were redirected to the phone number detail page, you have to scroll down to add new comment form (or just click on the comments link which will take you there immediately).

Now you have to select our SPAM FACTOR rating: SPAM or CLEAN, then describe the phone call as much as you can please. For example:

  • Who called you?
  • What was the call or message about?
Every little information is very important! Finally, check the captcha and send the comment.

Thank you!

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