How to avoid being tricked by SPAM phone calls

How to avoid being tricked by SPAM phone calls

Unwanted Calls That Never Seem to End

If you have a phone the odds are good that you've received unwanted calls. Sometimes it is someone claiming to be with the IRS threatening you with arrest. Other times, it is a shady timeshare with a supposedly free trip. Then there is the old chestnut of some bank you've never heard of wanting to inform you of a sudden great windfall. Basically, if it is a phone scam, there is a person who has tried it, and people have fallen for it enough that these spam phone calls seem to continue to harass us without end. What are some ways to avoid being tricked by a phone scam, however?

Tips to Avoid Being Tricked

When you are being called by anyone such as the IRS or any Governmental body they will never demand payment over the phone. These Government agencies still often require physical checks mailed to them or paid on a secure website. They won't take gift cards as payment or want you to provide your credit card over the phone. Also, they will not threaten to send the police to arrest you. If the IRS really wants your money, it doesn't have to send the police, it can simply use its power in the Government to take funds out your paycheck, whether you like it or not -- kind of a paradox!

Never give out any private information when you are the person being called, and it is NOT a call you are expecting. For example, should what you think is your bank calls you, inform them that you are busy and will call the bank's official number right back. Then proceed to hang-up and call a number that you know is a legitimate phone number. That way you can know if it was truly the bank calling you, or an attempt at a phone scam.

Reverse Phone Lookup is your friend along with the internet! Use any tools that provide this service to inspect whoever is calling you. By doing a reverse phone lookup you know if you're getting spam calls or if the person calling you is who they truly claim to be. The internet can be a wonderful tool for this as well because it allows you to inspect numbers and find out if others say these numbers are legitimate or a phone scam.

Block Unwanted Calls, always. Should you be getting spam phone calls from many of the same numbers over and over again, it can be smart to start blocking these scammers. Different phones have varying methods of how you can block a number, so refer to the phone's manual in order to do so. Once you start blocking some of the same spam phone calls that won't stop calling you will hopefully have some peace and quiet!

Common Sense is key when dealing with all the phone scams that happen these days! The tips above will serve you well, but in the end, having commons sense is the key to avoid getting scammed. If a call you receive just doesn't, "Feel right," listen to that logic and simply hang-up. Once you do your research and determine just what is truthful and what is not then you can disclose private information to the people who you know can be trusted with it.

P.S. Below, you can also watch a great explanation video created by FTC.

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